Snakeblade releases new single “When Kingdoms Collide”

One-man black metal band born in Vancouver out of COVID-19 boredom, Snakeblade has introduced the upcoming debut album, The Kingdom, with new single, “When Kingdoms Collide”.

The man behind the project, Mike Redston, said the project was recorded in a month.

“Searching for an escape from pandemic anxiety, I absorbed myself in this project and recorded an entire album in about one month.

“Like many people during this crazy year, I struggled with a lot of anxiety and depression. Snakeblade is my fun escape from all that.”

Coined as fun, nerdy n’dirty black metal, the project completely deviates from the staunch ‘be grim, no smiling’ traditional black metal.

The songs on the album are heavily influenced by Lord of the Rings, The Witcher, Metal Gear Solid, and Dungeons and Dragons, and the single describes a medieval battle of epic proportions: “Spells! Swords! And Fire!”

The album has a handful of guest solos from other Canadian musicians including Devan Howes (Kayas); Dylan Parker (Protosequence); Kyler Li and Matthew Pancoust (Truent).

Ever the ambitious one, Redston doesn’t anticipate Snakeblade staying as a one-man project for long.

He is working towards bringing the creative and fun atmosphere to live venues when able.

The Kingdom was mixed by Myles Ogilvie at Diretone Music and mastered by Logan Macdonald at Logan Gordon Engineering.

Track Listing
1. When Kingdoms Collide (4:22)  
2. To The Pits With The Balrog ft. guest solo Devan Howes (Kayas) (1:47)
3. The Nine (4:13)
4. Scavenger ft. guest solo Dylan Parker (Protosequence) (3:36)
5. Vamp, The Impaled ft. guest solo Kyler Li (5:54)
6. Devoted To Destruction ft. guest solo Matthew Pancoust (Truent) (Truent cover) (3:51)

The Kingdom is out July 31

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