Song premiere: Bull Elephant – Wayfarer

UK anonymous collective Bull Elephant has joined with Grater to premiere new song “Wayfarer” from forthcoming album, Created From Death.

Wayfarer is the closing track, an epic romp through stoner and death/doom territory finished off by some kind of bizarre stadium-rock sing-along.

The moody outro then sets the scene for – you guessed it – Bull Elephant 3!

Bull Elephant will release sophomore album Created From Death on August 14 via Eat Lead and Die Music.

The album, part two in the Bull Elephant trilogy mythos, picks up where the debut ended.

The eponymous creature, originally resurrected to fight occultist Ahnenerbe SS just before the outbreak of world war, has been destroyed and reconstructed into human form; then placed into the care of a renegade ape.

The child’s witch-mother sacrifices herself so the duo can escape and they live in exile for several years, attempting to remain hidden from the enemy.

Meanwhile, Nazi Germany and Allied forces fight battles on two fronts: in conventional theatres all over the world and as a secret war for control over supernatural powers that neither fully understand.

Eventually, after being discovered and temporarily under siege, our heroes are compelled into action; launching a campaign to harness nature against the worst of mankind’s impulses; which now includes reanimation at a mass grave site of an undead legion in service to the Reich. The ultimate renewable human resource.

As with the debut album, think of the background concept as Raiders of the Lost Ark set to a doom-tinged heavy metal soundtrack where Judeo-Christian mythology is replaced by the even more sinister universe hinted at in the writings of H. P. Lovecraft…. with Nazi zombies, assault wolves and a battle-armoured whale that makes Moby Dick seem tame.

Tracking of bass and drums, mixing and mastering was executed by Jaime Gomez Arellano (Paradise Lost, Cathedral, Ghost) at Orgone Studios, Bedfordshire, UK; while guitars and vocals were recorded at various bunkers around the UK.

Track List

1 Created From Death
2 Oneiromantic Rites
3 Lebensraum
4 Cult of the Black Sun Nemesis
5 Last Defilement
6 Perverted Science
7 Escape to the Arctic
8 Wayfarer

Created From Death is out August 14 via Eat Lead and Die Music

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