South Africa’s Facing the Gallows sign to Out Of Line Music, release first single ‘Small Hands’

South Africa’s Facing the Gallows have signed to leading German independent label Out Of Line Music and to celebrate, have released their first single with them, Small Hands.

Facing the Gallows are continuously growing and evolving with the vision to incorporate different styles that resonate with them, which aren’t strictly metal orientated.

Even though the core will always be heavy, they push to diversify what they’re doing sonically.

Their lyrics are influenced by the surroundings they grew up and live in, which at times can focus heavily on political elements since in South Africa, it has a massive effect on their daily lives.

But there’s always room for them to write songs about having a good time, enjoying the moment and sharing it with friends.

Facing the Gallows said being signed was the biggest news they had ever received.

“We are so pumped that we get to release this video to the world as well as the mentioning of the biggest news we have received as a band to date! 

“With all our support back home pushing us from milestone to milestone, helping has reached our dreams and making the most amazing memories.

“A big thanks go out to you guys for all the support you have given us over the years.

“Through the thick and through the thin we wouldn’t want to share this with anyone else so let’s celebrate and we hope you guys are as stoked as we are!

“Through months of skype calls and meetings, we decided this was our best move after being approached at Wacken Open Air.

“It was an experience of a lifetime and Out Of Line has given us the opportunity to prolong these experiences and fulfill our dreams of sharing our bit of chaos with the rest of the world.”

The band said it’s incredibly difficult for bands in South Africa to get the kind of opportunities they’ve had or are about to embark on.

“We’re very far from the rest of the world and geographically we’re pretty isolated.

“The Battle for Wacken South Africa really gave us a life changing experience which made everything possible for us to be able to tell the world, “We’re here”.

“It’s how we met Out Of Line, a connection or crossing of paths that wouldn’t have been possible for us had we not won the competition here.

“Being able to take this step isn’t just important for us, it’s important for our country. It’s critical for our music scene. It’s momentous for bands and friends in SA to know that it is possible to do.

“It’s not some far out unrealistic dream to think that we can get chances like this.

“There was a lot of work that went behind everything to get here, but we can do it.

“We want this moment to inspire everyone in South Africa and put more eyes on the country.”

You can follow the band here.

Small Hands is out now via Out Of Line Music and is available here.

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