Static-X release “Bring You Down” music video, new album ‘Project Regeneration Vol. 1’ tops streaming services

Static-X have released the official music video for “Bring You Down”, taken from new album, Project Regeneration Vol. 1, which hit retailers around the globe on July 10 and quickly hit number one and number 8 on iTunes.

The album was the number one most added at metal radio last week and the album was also featured on the cover and number one on Tidal’s Hybrid Theories playlist and was named “Metal Album of the Week” by Deezer.

The song hit #1 on Spotify’s New Metal Tracks playlist and was added to Spotify’s Kickass Metal Playlist, Spotify’s Rock Hard Playlist, and 23 other Spotify official playlists and 312,000 fan playlists.

Project Regeneration Vol. 1 features 12 brand new Static-X tracks, containing many of the final vocal performances and musical compositions by Wayne Static, along with the original Wisconsin Death Trip lineup of bassist Tony Campos, drummer Ken Jay, and guitarist Koichi Fukuda.

Both volumes are being mixed by longtime Static-X producer Ulrich Wild.

Track List

  1. Regeneration
  2. Hollow (Project Regeneration)
  3. Worth Dyin For
  4. Terminator Oscillator
  5. All These Years
  6. Accelerate
  7. Bring You Down (Project Regeneration)
  8. My Destruction
  9. Something of My Own (Project Regeneration)
  10. Otsego Placebo
  11. Follow
  12. Dead Souls

Project Regeneration Vol. 1 is out now via Otsego Entertainment Group

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