Testament’s new album out in April

Testament’s new album will be released on April 3, guitarist Eric Peterson has confirmed to Grater.

‘Titans of Creation’ features 12 tracks, with the first single Night of the Witch expected to drop soon.

This will be the first new album from the band since 2016’s ‘Brotherhood of the Snake’.

The artwork, track list and date for ‘Titans of Creation’ have been added to Apple Music‘s online library.

The cover features three Roman statue-esque men holding tools and surrounding a red planet.

Listeners can hear a snippet of Night of the Witch now.

Testament are about to embark on a 27-date tour of Europe before touching down in Australia on March 20 for Download’s Melbourne and Sydney shows, followed by a Brisbane sideshow.


1 Children of the Next Level


3 Dream Deceiver

4 Night of the Witch

5 City of Angels

6 Ishtars Gate

7 Symptoms

8 False Prophet

9 The Healers

10 Code of Hammurabi

11 Curse of Osiris

12 Catacombs

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