Thrash Blast Grind Tour is back featuring King Parrot, Exhumed, King, Theories

Thrash Blast Grind Tour is back in 2020 to appease the never-ending bloodthirst of metalheads all over Australia and New Zealand this coming May.

This year sees King Parrot celebrating their 10th anniversary as a band and what better way to do it than headline the ever-evolving Thrash Blast Grind Tour alongside Exhumed, King and Theories.

It’s been a long time coming, but Exhumed are finally back with their gore drenched death metal formula.

With their new album ‘Horror’, Exhumed, through their sonic meat grinder continue to churn out the repulsive and splattered chunks of aural carnage they are known for.

Melbourne’s melancholic blackened metal force King bring the spirit of old while carving a new path.

Released late last year, the new album ‘Coldest Of Cold’ forges black metal of the most monumental scale.

Arising from the US and chopping out their own grisly niche, Theories bring an intense sound to the Thrash Blast Grind table.

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