Thy Art Is Murder formally welcome new drummer Jesse Beahler, showcase his skills in ‘Human Target’ drum play through

Sydney deathcore group Thy Art Is Murder have formally welcomed their new drummer Jesse Beahler to the fold.

To mark the occasion, they have showcased his skills in a Human Target drum play through video.

Beahler said he’s been working with the crew on and off for seven years and is happy to be an official member.

“I’ve been long time friends with Thy Art Is Murder, from touring beside them on their first American tour in 2013, to becoming a contributing member of the band during ‘The Depression Sessions’, and eventually evolving into a full fledged member during the writing and recording process of our latest album, ‘Human Target’.

“I’m very grateful to be working alongside great friends and musicians, and feel like Thy Art is a band I was always meant to be a part of.  

“I am incredibly proud of the performances we tracked on our newest album ‘Human Target’, and it sounds so good in part because of the great gear we selected.”

Former drummer Lee Stanton broke his silence about his departure in September 2019, citing mental health issues as the reason for him leaving.

“Early last year I started noticing a shift in my state of mind which eventually resulted in me having a breakdown.

“As much as I would love to still be up there ripping gigs with the boys it is in my best interest mentally and physically to step back from everything and continue putting in work to get back to being 100%.

“It wasn’t easy coming to terms with what happened, and having to walk away from something you invested a large portion of your life into building, but I have lots of positives to take away with me.

“I just wanted to let people know what’s been up and that if you do notice that something isn’t right within yourself or someone you know, don’t be afraid to have a conversation or to seek professional help.”

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