To The Grave bassist Josh Booth dead at 23

To The Grave bassist Josh Booth has died at 23.

The Sydney deathcore band announced the news on social media yesterday.

“It is with utter devastation and disbelief that we must announce on Thursday the 28th of May, just before 5pm, we lost Joshua Booth,” they posted.

“Words simply cannot express the anguish we all face in his absence.

“Josh was a wonderfully kind, understanding and passionate individual who brought a light to everyone else’s life.

“His positive influence on the people he touched was so understated and that’s something that nobody could ever replace.

“None of us could have asked for a better friend to share the stage with.

“Those who knew him will tell you he never failed to bring a smile to your face even on dark days.

“We are shattered at his loss and our thoughts and condolences lie very much with his family and fellow loved ones.

“We respectfully ask at this time that everyone please refrain from questions too specific to the circumstances surrounding his passing as we are waiting for a full police investigation to be properly conducted.

“The four of us here at To The Grave loved Josh more than words can express, and will both mourn and honour his memory in our future endeavours.

“Rest in peace Joshua Declan Booth, we miss you sorely.”

The band set up a fundraiser to help with the funeral costs, already raising $2980 of the $10,000 target.

“Due to the heavy costs associated with putting Josh to rest, we wanted to do our best to take that weight off of his family and reach out to fans, friends and those who he impacted to see if they could help us cover it and make sure he has a beautiful ceremony and resting place.”

Band vocalist Dane Evans thanked everyone for their donations.

“I just want to somehow thank everybody that’s donated so far, you have no idea how much this means to us.

“We’re all reading your messages and are incredibly thankful for the support, if we don’t get back to you yet just know that we appreciate it and we will soon. We’re just trying to process this.”

Donations can be made here.

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