Torrential Rain release new single “Strung Out”

German progressive metalcore band Torrential Rain have released their new single “Strung Out” along with a lyric video.

“This song sounds pretty dark because of the themes of depression and running from one’s problems, we tried to convey not only lyrically but also through our instruments,” guitarist Gordian Golder says.

Coupled with the guiding principle “power meets precision”, Torrential Rain fuse the brutal energy of bands like August Burns Red and As I Lay Dying combined with progressive-virtuoso writing á la Periphery.

The four guys hailing from Nürnberg create a balance of both worlds in which brute force and delicate thoughtfulness coexist and present these American novelty trends to Europe’s stages.  

They’ve shared the stage with scene giants like Kvelertak, Equilibrium, Illumenium or Time and The Valuator.

Following their success of single “Home Alone”, with over 100,000 organic streams on Spotify, Torrential Rain has tirelessly worked on new material.

To do right by modern metal standards, Torrential Rain trusts Christoph Wieczorek (Sawdustrecordings, Annisokay) to craft their sound.

Romance, break-ups or reflecting on one’s own life are just a few of the themes covered by their current album Transitions.

Torrential Rain’s intention is to let their fanbase located in over 72 countries know: You are not alone!

Strung Out is out now

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