UK dystopian thrash duo TRIAL release EP ‘1’

Newly formed UK duo TRIAL have unloaded the dystopian, thrash metal scourge of their new EP, 1.

TRIAL self-released 1 on July 10 digitally as well as in a limited run of CDs which include an additional track, “Structural Demise”.

TRIAL formed in early 2020, a shared vision forged under cold, acidic grey metallic skies, with sunlit plains now distant memories.

Both members are from UK acts Khost and Primitive Knot, who, in the context of TRIAL must be known as INTERIM_VOID and DEMÖNIAC.

Both members have weathered the storms of thrash/speed/industrial metal through the decades and are hellbent on creating a vision which transmogrifies equal parts ’79, ’86, and the turmoil of recent times.

1 is a willful, monolithic statement of ongoing intent: five short, destructive bursts, forged from the stinging, acrid, particulate storms that batter their plane of existence.

Watch the band’s “Eyes Against Infinite Suppression” video created by Lagomorphosis below.

The band offers with the stream of their debut:

“Our world is of twisted pylon metal, deformed upended concrete superstructures, molecular airborne volatiles and simple observations about lingering 20th century residual effects and inevitable downfall of such effects and customs.”

The band is already creating new material to follow 1 in the months ahead.

1 is out now

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