UK gothic rock band Sometime The Wolf drop eerie ‘Ashes’ video

Preston, UK, gothic rock band Sometime The Wolf have released an eerie video for their track Ashes.

Ashes is a goth-rock anthem bringing to mind the likes of Fields of the Nephilim, Tiamat, Behemoth and other dark metal icons.

The video is set in a ghostly forest backdrop entwined with striking performance shots, bringing the brooding energy of the music and the ethereal themes to life.

The track is taken from their debut album ‘From Here & Earth’, which was released in late 2019.

The band are from the Lake District and their gothic metal sound is laden with layered effects and melodic soundscapes fuelled with intricate guitar riffs and topped by the emotive tones of vocalist Drew Freeman.

Drummer Lewis Peacock said the lyrics to Ashes were originally written about the holocaust. 

“Many survivors recalled days when the ashes of the less fortunate would fall from the sky; spewed out by the chimneys at the camps. 

“As the song matured, the theme broadened. We all go through our own trials in life. We fight for what we believe in, we work to change things; but in the end, we all become ashes on the wind.

“The video follows the journey of a man leaving possessions behind, travelling towards and eventually reaching the end. 

“The exact meaning behind this is open to the interpretation of the viewer. 

“We believe everyone will be able to relate a struggle of their own to this, especially in these strange and trying times. 

“Whilst it may sometimes feel like you’re alone, that’s very rarely truly the case. 

“Even if someone can’t entirely understand your personal struggle, it doesn’t mean to say they haven’t been through similar and come out the other side. 

“And whilst we aren’t all here forever, the choices we make, the things we do… They all live on.”

From Here & Earth is out now via Transcend.

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