Warkings release new single and video “Maximus”

Warkings are telling the story of the legendary Roman general and liberator of all Gladiators, “Maximus”, with the release of their new single.

Shouting fanfares, driving drums and galloping riffs pave the golden way for the greatest freedom fighter of the Roman Empire, who gave his life for his allies and the suppressed people of ancient Rome.

Warkings take you back to the time when the mythical arenas were filled with roaring crowds, deciding on death or glory and brave, lost souls are fighting for one moment of honour.

At the latest, when the catchy chorus of this warrior hymn drops in, you can see yourself standing right in the Colosseum, shouting for Maximus and joining his fight against Emperor Marcus Aurelius and his own son Commodus.

A new crusade arises with the mighty Warkings and their new album, Revenge, to be released via Napalm Records on July 31.

The band enters the battleground and faces ghoulish demons with the formidable weapon made of pure heavy metal.

Revenge is out July 31 via Napalm Records

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