WARKINGS reveal new single/video “Odin’s Sons” feat Queen Of The Damned

WARKINGS have revealed their latest single and video “Odin’s Sons” featuring Queen Of The Damned.

The track is the third and final single from the upcoming album, Revenge.

According to the band, “The mighty WARKINGS hail to the Northern Gods and rise above as “Odin’s Sons”, to leave none of their enemies unslain.

“This hard-hitting anthem pushes the march against the underworld ahead – Revenge is near!

“A new crusade arises from the sinister clutches of the underworld: The mighty WARKINGS enter the battleground and face ghoulish demons with a formidable weapon made of pure heavy metal.

“The opener, Freedom, initiates the valiant battle with folklore-like heroic elements coalescing with uncompromising heavy pieces.

“The WARKINGS’ swords are forged with iron riffs, thundering drums and emblematic, powerful vocals, as their epic hymn ‘Warriors’ and the death angel’s chant ‘Azrael’ prove with immeasurable vigour.”

Revenge is out July 31 via Napalm Records

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