Werewolf Records criticises encyclopedia for labelling it NSBM

Finnish metal label Werewolf Records has criticised metal encyclopedia Metal-Archives for recently labelling it NSBM (National Socialist Black Metal).

Werewolf founder ‘Werwolf’ took to Facebook recently to denounce the new Nazi tag.

“It was brought to my attention recently that after 22 years of record label activity, as a part of their new obviously moral policy, metal-archives.com decided to re-brand Werewolf Records as a record label specializing in NSBM,” he wrote.

“The reason for this was the clear stance we have not to apologize for anything that has been and will be done in the future and the fact that we in fact do not draw lines within this whirlwind of evil and darkness, as for us all sides of this sphere are equally real.

“To quote the response we received: “Should our M-A readers decide they want to get into your band or support your label, we feel this information is relevant to their decision making, as you have made little to no effort to remove yourself from all these nazi ties beyond one hashtag and a vague statement” as if that would be their responsibility to supervise and to drag people into contemporary politics.

“If you feel such moral crusades are not the responsibility of a website many consider a reliable and neutral source, let them know what you think.

“For those still uncertain of the true nature of things, the statement on the http://www.werewolf website concerning my philosophical, ideological and artistic principles still stands.

“Being a bad person has never been an issue for me. I just refuse to be called the N-word.”

Metal-Archives responded to the criticism a short time later.

“In 2019 you released a disc which included Hammer’s 2004 demo entitled Nazionalsozialist along with their 2008 album Shoax.”

“You stated that Hammer “consider themselves as black metal bands and reject the NSBM subgenre – however, this band has clearly labeled (sic) their music as Nazionalsozialist beneath a parteiadler, swastika, and photograph of Adolf Hitler.

“Among other examples, you re-released Wodulf’s 2003 demo in 2005.

“The band debuted on a compilation subtitled The Hammer of National Socialist Black Metal in 2003, and a song from the recording you released also appeared on the Hellenic Vanguard – NSBM Weltanschauung compilation in 2004.

“It is explicit mentions of National Socialism such as these which indicate that Werewolf Records has, objectively and factually, released National Socialist Black Metal despite your present dislike of the term.”

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